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Welcome to Heritage of the Founding Fathers
Heritage Of the Founding Fathers
Heritage Of the Founding Fathers
Heritage Of the Founding Fathers
Heritage Of the Founding Fathers
Heritage of the Founding Fathers
Heritage of the Founding Fathers

Welcome to Heritage of the Founding Fathers
Today, not everyone knows the heritage of America's Founding Fathers.  Their intentions are, in some cases, misread or misinterpreted and at times their beliefs are portrayed falsely.  Who were the Founding Fathers and what did they stand for?

15,000 quotes of the founders in newspapers, articles, etc. were evaluated.  It was found that 34% of the quotes the founders made were from the Bible; other main sources were Locke, Montesquieu, Blackstone, etc. who themselves took 60% of their quotes from the Bible.

But that’s only a glimpse.  This site will let you see what some of the Founding Founders thought about different issues through their verbal quotes and in some cases their writings.  Through this site we hope people turn back to God when they see our nation's and our Founding Fathers' Godly heritage.

Dr. Bill Bright said, "Like ancient Israel forgot its spiritual heritage, sinned, and turned away from God, it was not until they were brought back to the basics and again discovered their covenant with God that they had national revival."

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"Thro Various Scenes of Life God has Sustained me. May he ever be my unfailing Freind, May his Love cherish my Soul, May my Heart with Gratitude Acknowledge his Goodness and may my Desires be to him and to the Remembrance of his Name... May We then turn our Eyes to the bright Objects above, and may God give us Strength to travel the upward Road. May the divine Redeemer conduct us to that Seat of Bliss which he himself has prepared for his Freinds; at the Approach of which every Sor-row shall Vanish from the human heart, and endless scenes of Glory Open upon the enraptured Eye."

-Founding Father Oliver Wolcott
- In a letter from Founding Father Oliver Wolcott to Laura Wolcott
Letters of Delegates to Congress: Volume: 3 January 1, 1776 - May 15, 1776
"These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation."

- United States Supreme Court