Heritage of the Founding Fathers
Heritage of the Founding Fathers


Patrick Henry - By: Josh Pittman
American orator

Peter Muhlenberg - By: Josh Pittman
Pastor and patriot...

An Oligarchy Branch - By: Josh Pittman
Judges and their power

The Constitutional Convention - Josh Pittman
About the Constitutional Convention

A Lasting Effect - By Josh Pittman
About John Witherspoon...

Father of the Revolution - By Josh Pittman
About Samuel Adams...

The New England Primer - By Josh Pittman
And the affect it had on a nation...

Separation of Church and State - by Josh Pittman
The truth about the misinterpreted phrase...

Ruling Actions - By Josh Pittman
Change their hearts...

Why They Did It - By Josh Pittman
Why they risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor...

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